Me in the Mirror

Stand and gaze. Don’t turn away. Look yourself in the eyes as you stand in front of the mirror. Yes, that’s you, the image of you. Say it to yourself “Me in the Mirror.” How does it feel? Are you happy with what you see and more importantly, are you “happy with how you feel” as you stand and gaze at you? There are people who cannot look at themselves in the mirror. For reasons “known” to them, they cannot linger and look. It doesn’t feel right. They use the mirror as their preparation tool; the tool that prepares their

You Are Aging

2 Corinthians 4:16: “So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away, our inner self is being renewed day by day.” Technology has been the Creator’s gift to humanity. The tools, resources and information that exist today are extraordinary. However, with all of our advancements, the process of aging cannot be stopped. It may be slowed by good food and good health but the truth of the matter is we all are aging. Yet, aging doesn’t mean countless medications and hundreds of hours spent with a physician. There is no dictate that states our minds must

Where There Is Your Will

It completely belongs to you and is under your full dominion and control. It has been with you since your birth and most likely will follow you through eternity. It has caused immense joy and regrettable sorrow; yet many still do not grasp the magnitude of its importance. It is the driving force of your soul and the single element of your spirit that your Creator refuses to alter. It is “your will.” You have heard countless times “where there’s a will, there is a way.” However, “where there is your will, there is your way.”  Your will helps and

What Price for Your Success?

Have you compromised your success with the selling of your integrity, your character and your soul? Did you pawn your moral compass to move unguided and without accountability?  Can you enjoy the spoils of your victories, while feeling barren because you know the manner in which they were accomplished doesn’t allow for a full appreciation? Then the question is quite simple “what price for your success?” In the early days of your journey, you spoke of “never selling your soul.” You were quite confident in your position. You wanted to compete with class, mutual benefit and uncompromising values. You had

The Problem and the Solution

It’s pressing up against your mind. It murmurs in between your thoughts and hangs as if it were a picture on a wall. It smolders behind your eyes and makes them droop with despair. It’s an unsolved problem. It soothes your soul and makes your heart eager to sing a song of victory. It waits patiently for you to turn to it as its primary existence is to make certain you always have a seat at the feast. It’s the problem’s solution. They are both in the same place and at the same time. They both wait with anticipation as