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Posted by on Oct 6, 2013 in INDIA ROAD TRIP ARTICLES | 0 comments

Around 10 AM I started from Vapi to my next destination Anand. Anand is home to the famous Amul Dairy. I had called and booked a hotel from Vapi before I started. The drive was cool and enjoyable as the roads were great on this stretch throughout the trip. I was in Anand sooner than I had estimated. It was around evening and my car was low on fuel. I recall struggling a bit to find a good fuel pump (gas station) near the place where I was planning to stop by for the night. Finally found one. Filled the tank to the brim and started looking out for the hotel that I had booked. After a bit of confusion and struggle I was finally at the hotel. I was surprised to see that it was a resort plus hotel. It was quite spacious. I checked in. I drove to the city in my car to take some photographs. While I was taking the photographs an educated-looking gentleman actually came in to snatch my...


Posted by on May 30, 2013 in INDIA ROAD TRIP ARTICLES | 0 comments

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at Kolhapur – especially the food (fast forward…as I go round India I personally felt it was the tastiest of all food that I had anywhere – except for a strong competition from one restaurant in Agra). It was finally time to bid farewell to Kolhapur. With the passing days and being on the road for almost 7 days, I could feel the hard-core traveller attitude dawning upon me – maybe for good. As usual I did call up home and had a lengthy discussion on my further travel route. I was already 2 days late on my journey due to the out-of-the-plan 2 extra days of stay at Palakkad and Kolhapur. I initially thought of the next stop at Pune – then extended it to Thane, Maharashtra – but finally settled for the industrial town of Vapi in Gujarat. That’s around 550 KMs stretch. I needed to travel longer per day to make up for the lost...


Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in INDIA ROAD TRIP ARTICLES | 0 comments

NOTE: Going forth I will be posting all the photographs in the “Photo Galleries” that you can notice on the top of the home page. I will not be posting any more pics in the middle of the website’s home page within the “Travel Photography” section, bar a few of the recent Photos. Hence please check the Photo Galleries on the top of the home page for all the recent Photographs. Due to time limitation, I have been unable to keep the Travel articles up to date. But the Photo Galleries are up to date with my travel. Day 7 – Stay at Kolhapur, Maharashtra Day 6 Night: As explained in the article before, I did make it to the Opal Hotel with some local guidance. I had booked a room in this hotel but as I arrived late by one day, I had lost the booking. But for my luck there was a room available and I quickly checked in to the hotel with my luggage. The hotel...


Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in INDIA ROAD TRIP ARTICLES | 3 comments

Day 6 – Murudeshwara to Kolhapur The Trip from Murudeshwara to Kolhapur was quite adventurous to say the least. The highway from Murudeshwara took me towards North. Things went fine till around 50 KMs – the point at which a straight road point to Gokarna, while the Google Navigation installed on my Xolo Smartphone gives me an instruction to turn steep right into something which it refers as NH 66 (if I recall it correct). As I enter into the Highway, it looks pretty narrow to be a National Highway. Soon I realize that its Karnataka State Highway 143. This highway takes me through one of the remotest places deep through some forest, wherein for Kilometers I cannot see another human being; luckily of that matter any living thing! This trip did give me some chilling feeling but at the same time a feeling of breaking free of the Modern world. None of my cell phones had signal...


Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in INDIA ROAD TRIP ARTICLES | 4 comments

Day 5 – Kannur to Murudeshwara (via Mangalore) I started off from Kannur without a clear expectation of being able to reach Murudeshwara the same day. The drive was tough across this stretch as I had to negotiate the ghat’s curvy roads. The travel was again slowed down within Kerala due to narrow and congested roads. I saw Bekal Fort and other roads leading to various beaches in Kerala but I controlled myself from deviating off the Highway as I was running short on time. After many hours of drive, I finally make it to Kasarkod which is at the border of Kerala. Soon I reach a board which welcomes to the State of Karnataka (Mangalore). As I enter into Mangalore district, I notice that the culture, the place looks exactly similar to Kerala. One cannot realize that you have entered another state except for the “Welcome to Karnataka” board at the state border. Kerala merges into...


Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in INDIA ROAD TRIP ARTICLES | 3 comments

Day 4 – Palakkad to Kannur It’s already Day 4 in my road trip! The travel through the narrow Highways coupled with high congestion on the road has put my road trip to a very slow pace. I am struggling to cover even 200 KMs on these Highways. But nevertheless the enchanting beauty of the place is keeping me occupied. Unfortunately I did not get much of a chance to capture a lot of photographs in Kerala as I was in a hurry to get out of the congestion which had put a hold on my road trip. The Trip from Palakkad to Kannur was via Ferokh-Palakkad Highway and NH 66 which soon I realized was not a very good decision; I should have taken the NH 66 the whole route. I was staying in Hotel Srichakra which is on the Highway to Thrissur. It’s been my favorite hotel every time I visited Palakkad. As usual the stay was comfortable. A stray incident wherein someone dashed into my car in the...