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My Stay at Rameshwaram was at a small Motel – “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” hotel. Though a small accommodation but the stay was comfortable and staff was cordial. Next day morning I got up early, did some blogging on this site and set off to visit the famous Ramanathaswamy temple near Rameshwaram beach. One entrance of the temple was towards my hotel and the main entrance of the temple is towards the beach. The beach is an easy walk from the main entrance. The visit to the temple and the beach takes me back by 5000 years when lord Rama is said to have visited the same spot. As per the Pilgrimage, one needs to first take a bath in the sea and then take a bath in the water from the wells in the temple. It was a nice feeling and it was a soothing experience visiting the beach. I got down into the sea for a while and took some nice photographs of the sea as seen from Rameshwaram. With the 42x zoom of my Nikon camera, I could see a vessel probably a few kilometers off the coast. It was an Indian naval battleship guarding the coast of Rameshwaram. The place was crowded with pilgrims from every part of the country and many from North India as well. I could see some tourists from other countries as well.

All the restaurants around the temple serve vegetarian food. For people who are specific about the choice of food, it’s better for them to stay in some big hotels that I noticed around 2 KMs before the temple. Those hotels are probably 3 Star Hotels and might serve variety of food in their restaurants. Most of the hotels around the temple do not have a restaurant and you need to rely on the small restaurants on the street.

I bought a 5 liter can, filled it with the water from the sea and I went back to the hotel. I had quick brunch, checked out of the hotel and set off to Palakkad (my next destination).

The trip to Palakkad was quite confusing from Rameshwaram and I got lost a couple of times. The Google GPS navigation on my XOLO Smartphone assisted me a lot but still I got off the route multiple times and often into remote locaitons off the national highway. But the good part of this getting lost business was that I could see the rural places as well while I could finally make it back to the National highway.

As a guide for travelers who may travel from Rameshwaram to Palakkad – One need to come back to Madurai from Rameshwaram via the NH87. Then travel towards Dindigul via the NH7. Just before reaching Dindigul, you need to take a left turn onto the NH44 (old NH7) which takes you to Palani and then need to travel till Pollachi. There is a highway from Pollachi which takes you to Palakkad.

I did check-in at a relatively nice hotel on the Palakkad highway. I was quite tired and slept off soon after a brief phone call with family members. Next day I stayed in the hotel to take rest and just went around the outskirts of the Palakkad town to try out traditional Kerala food. The food was nice. The bad part of this stay was that someone hit my car on the back  – in the parking lot. That created a small dent on the car and I noticed it when I took the car to go around the city. I did inform the hotel authorities but as usual the parking is at the risk of the owner etc. Anyway during such a long trip, it will be uncommon for the car to emerge unscathed!

Tomorrow my next destination is the coastal city of Murudeshwara, Karnataka. I will be travelling to Murudeshwara via Calicut, Mangalore and Bhatkal. It’s situated over 530 Kms from Palakkad.

Note: I have posted all the photographs in the Photo Galleries of the website. You can access the Photo Galleries via the Menu on top of the website. I will be posting some of the videos as well when time permits and I need to use some tools to reduce the size of the videos. In the meantime, you can check the videos that I have broadcasted live to the website via the page –


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