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Day 5 – Kannur to Murudeshwara (via Mangalore)

I started off from Kannur without a clear expectation of being able to reach Murudeshwara the same day. The drive was tough across this stretch as I had to negotiate the ghat’s curvy roads. The travel was again slowed down within Kerala due to narrow and congested roads. I saw Bekal Fort and other roads leading to various beaches in Kerala but I controlled myself from deviating off the Highway as I was running short on time.

After many hours of drive, I finally make it to Kasarkod which is at the border of Kerala. Soon I reach a board which welcomes to the State of Karnataka (Mangalore). As I enter into Mangalore district, I notice that the culture, the place looks exactly similar to Kerala. One cannot realize that you have entered another state except for the “Welcome to Karnataka” board at the state border. Kerala merges into Mangalore so smooth that one cannot realize the transition. But yes – there is one difference! – And that was for the Good!!! – The roads widened from here and Highways do look like Highways – except for the potholes all over the road. Anyway the potholes did not matter to me and I was just looking for some wide roads now. I pushed the pedal as hard as I could. The route goes via curvy roads and hence my eyes were wide open all throughout this stretch – to the extent that I got a bad headache on the last leg of this trip. The travel via the ghat section was a nice experience though.

I was a bit tired after many hours of drive but I was determined to make it to Murudeshwara, Karnataka the same day. Around 10 hours of grueling drive, I finally reach the small coastal city of Murudeshwara.

My great experience at Murudeshwara, Karnataka:

There is the famous Murudeshwara temple, Raja Gopura and a huge statue of Lord Shiva located on the Kanduka Hill which is surrounded by Arabian Sea on three sides. As I enter this small coastal city into the beach section near the temple, I finally find myself at a place worth a hundred visits!! The sheer beauty of this place simply blew off my mind. It was breathtakingly beautiful!!! Around 1630 KMs on my odometer, this place makes me the most happy. I feel that this place alone makes my road trip worthwhile. Thanks to a colleague of mine who recommended me to stop at Murudeshwara.

Naveen Hotel group has done a great job here by constructing beach facing hotels by the name RNS Residency – and also a beach facing restaurant. They have done a great job to make the visit worthwhile, provided you stay in RNS Residency (which you would obviously want to, once you reach this spot).

Unlike many other beaches, I noticed that this beach was safe for family to visit because it did not have the unwanted elements at the beach who generally do not like outside visitors at the beach (which I have noticed at a couple of other beaches). There is a facility for boating as well which makes the visit to the beach worthwhile.

I spent a few hours taking photographs from my beach facing hotel room balcony, visiting the temple, the Shiva statue and finally a visit to the beach. I took quite a few snaps at the location which I have posted in the Photo Gallery of this website.

I was really attached to this place and did not want to leave the place. But I had to follow the thumb rule of a traveler – As a traveler I am not supposed to be attached to any place or anybody (and neither totally detached) – but first and foremost rule is that I need to keep moving. Hence I pack my bag and bid farewell to near heavenly place Murudeshwara (with an assurance to myself that I have to visit this place soon with my family over a weekend).

My next destination is Kolhapur in Maharashtra. At this point I was not sure what awaits me on the way to Kolhapur.


Photographs taken at the Hotel at Kannur – Surya Residency and en-route Murudeshwara (via Mangalore)

India_Road_Trip_Kannur_to_Mangalore_Kerala_Karnataka_DSCN0903_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Kannur_to_Mangalore_Kerala_Karnataka_DSCN0912_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Kannur_to_Mangalore_Kerala_Karnataka_DSCN0913_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Kannur_to_Mangalore_Kerala_Karnataka_DSCN0925_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Kannur_to_Mangalore_Kerala_Karnataka_DSCN0930_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Kannur_to_Mangalore_Kerala_Karnataka_DSCN0936_2304x1728

India_Road_Trip_Mangalore_to_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN0944_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Mangalore_to_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN0948_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Mangalore_to_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN0966_2304x17281



Photographs taken at Murudeshwara: (check the Photo Gallery in the Menu at the top of the Home Page for many more photographs from Murudeshwara)

India_Road_Trip_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN1025_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN1083_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN1108_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN1110_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN1121_2304x1728 India_Road_Trip_Murudeshwara_Karnataka_DSCN1214_2304x1728


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