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Day 7 – Stay at Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Day 6 Night:

As explained in the article before, I did make it to the Opal Hotel with some local guidance. I had booked a room in this hotel but as I arrived late by one day, I had lost the booking. But for my luck there was a room available and I quickly checked in to the hotel with my luggage. The hotel building suggested that it’s a pretty old construction but it was a rather interesting feeling in the old hotel complex. I liked it. The staff was very courteous and helpful. I felt at home here.

There was a nice restaurant attached to the hotel complex and as I was very hungry I quickly went to the restaurant to check the food out there. The cuisine was quite different from what I have seen in most of the other places that I have visited and hence I took the assistance of the waiter to order a few wheat chapattis and Kolhapur special mutton fry which was served along Kolhapur Tambda Rassa and Kolhapur Pandhra Rassa. I got to understand that both these Rassa (a liquid soup kind of dish) are special here in Kolhapur. I enjoyed the food here including the Rassa – It was simply great and quite different from any dish that I have tastes so far. I place an excellent rating on the “original” Kolhapuri food.

Back at the hotel room, I noticed there was a balcony attached to the room and the view was nice from there. I could see old buildings in the vicinity and lot of greenery.

I hit the bed soon.

Day 7 Morning:

I woke up a bit late as I was tired. As Kolhapur is famous for the Kolhapuri chappals, I decided to go and check in the local market for the Kolhapuri chappals (leather slippers). I understood from the Hotel staff that the local chappal market and the Kolhapur Shahu Maharaja’s Palace (which now encloses a museum) are the main attraction sites nearby. After driving over 2200 KMs I did not want to drive inside the city and hence I hired an autorichaw (a three wheeled vehicle) and went to the “Chappal Market” and bought a few pairs of Kolhapuri Chappals.


I bought some sweets from a local shop near the “Chappal Market” and moved over to the museum. The town seemed to have less population compared to bigger cities but I felt that people were very fast out here (no time to waste kind of concept – which is good). The visit to the museum was pleasant. The palace was architected by a British architect. Photography was not permitted within the palace/museum and hence I had to settle with a few photographs from outside the palace/museum. I did make a good friendship with the auto-rickshaw driver who took me around the town.


India Road Trip – The auto drive who took me around the Kolhapur city

Finally I returned back to my hotel. I played some games on my Xolo X900 Smartphone and did a bit of graphics processing (to reduce the size of the photographs to post on this website) using my Intel notebook. I did notice a sudden spike in the number of visitors to my website after I entered Maharashtra (probably due to the sticker advertising that I have done on my car and probably people out here do notice things around). It was already time for dinner. I placed the order for the dinner at my room, so that I can take some snaps of the traditional food here – and so I did. Overall my experience in Maharashtra and Kolhapur was excellent (which includes the tasty food here as well)


Traditional Kolhapuri Food – Looks simple but pretty tasty.

I did not realize when I slept off.

Next day is going to be long as I have to cross the Maharashtra border into Gujarat. My next destination is an industrial town in Gujarat – Vapi. I did book a hotel in Vapi – “Hotel Greenview” from here.


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