I Appreciate That

In life we are met with obstacles. Obstacles are not things; obstacles are people. People who at times, deliberately want to get in the way. Some believe they are justified; others who because of their views and opinions on life, just want to block us from our goals. And some are simply jealous that you are attempting to change the course of your journey and deep within themselves, they may feel you are leaving them behind. Instead of getting angry and holding resentment that only makes you suffer; how about turning the other cheek and telling yourself you appreciate them.

How Did You Use Your Gift?

It is judgment day.  You stand before your Creator making a case for all the sins you did not commit and explaining your reasons for the sins you did. You speak of the good will toward others and how effectively you used faith, hope, charity and love to the best of your ability. You state that you have lived according to the Ten Commandments and feel very strongly that your place should be secure within the gates of the Holy Kingdom. However, as you stand before your Creator, his enthusiasm doesn’t seem to match yours. You are quite surprised as

Do You Care If You Are Liked?

I was listening to a sports commentator and he was speaking about professional athletes who are the best in their chosen careers; yet they are not embraced by the public as likable. The most interesting observation made during the discussion was these athletes didn’t care if you liked them.They honestly don’t care if they are liked by us. They have never bowed to our societal pressure of being more approachable, more lovable and more open to the media.  They seem to be emotionally distant except when they are doing their job. They don’t care what we think of them. They only care that they win.

Are You Sure Of What You Hope For?

You hope. You pray. You wait. However, the question becomes “are you sure of what you hope for? It’s a ritual with you. You have the dream, the strategy and you are willing to work until your hands are numb to achieve your goal. However, deep within the recesses of your thoughts, you hear the nagging nudges of doubt. You know well their song of silence. It begins with a feeling. A small innocuous feeling; that begins to float against your mind and then looms ever so close to every step that moves you closer to your goal. The feeling

Getting to the Truth of You: 55 Questions to Ask Yourself

We all are working on something to better our minds, spirit and soul. All of us have something that we want to “rid” ourselves of. However, sometimes, we don’t know how to go about “solving” that something that “rattles the mind” and “unsettles” the soul. Some of us are fortunate enough to employ the services of a professional counselor or therapist to help, some of us chat with trusted friends or family while some of us prefer to delve into a book and hopefully find the answers within the pages. However, there are some of us, who know “we have