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It never hurts to give taste buds a little extra adventure…especially in places with world-renowned restaurants like Minneapolis.

Simply walking around town can fill your eyes with flashy names and design of bistros and restaurants offering eclectic mouthwatering cuisines that can surely mark the greatest Minneapolis experience. Without prior knowledge on which establishments can well satisfy a rumbling stomach, it is easy to drown into the wide breath of options for dining.

Then again, looking for the best restaurants in Minneapolis and reservation arrangements would make the selection a breeze. Looking through the pages of travel and tour magazines can give a heads up in the most amiable bistros, while browsing through the pages from the web can offer a more convenient search. But whichever option foodies pick, experts seem to arrive on an agreement when it comes to the best diners in Minneapolis.

The top picks include:

112 Eatery – located at the Warehouse District and continues to reel in younger customers who are in for the unlikely mix of flavors. Chef Isaac Baker fills up the gamut of main dishes that range from nori-wrapped sirloin with ponzu to tagliatelle with foie gras meatballs and sea urchin risotto. If these cuisines sound a bit too exotic and unfamiliar, it is best indulge into something more mainstream like their signature cheeseburger – something a bit linear but still brings tasty surprises.

Vincent – A Restaurant – Mini foodies can opt for something more sophisticated and classy such as Vincent. Alongside the luxurious wooden chairs and elegant interior, one can enjoy the scrumptious dishes that adopt the classic taste of French cuisines fused with a dash of American twist. Penne pasta with shrimps in tomato and thyme with side dishes like croquet monsieur are the best sellers of the restaurants. Worry not about the price because the expensive appeal lies solely on the design. Menu of this bistro actually feature three courses meal for as low as $30 from Mondays to Thursdays.

Cosmos – the design of the Graves 601 can be accounted for the sleek and sexy interior of the Cosmos. But amidst the minimalist appeal of the modern and cool clean low-profile lines of the restaurant, drool-worthy dinner menu shines the most. The gamut of choices includes the popular vanilla-butter poached lobster with sweet onion curry and celery root tart.

Origami – Asian cuisines are never out of sight amongst places that claim to have the best dishes on earth. This Japanese restaurant is then seen as a treasure found in the busy Warehouse District, much like an oasis at the middle of a very dry desert. And why not? The menu includes amazingly fresh yose-nabe and a pool of sea foods and vegetables. Meat lovers would also love the unique touch of Asian flavor in pork and chicken cuisines – something that’s unexpected from a highly urbanized location.

Whichever kind of food you crave, Minneapolis certainly has it. Walk around and have an escapade with kaleidoscope of flavours and tastes. No one would sure be disappointed with the ubiquitous delish options in town.

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