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If you are looking for things to do on your Disney Dream Cruise Line vacation, you will not be disappointed. There are 14 decks on the Disney Dream. Some are exclusively for guest cabin accommodations but there are several decks that are reserved for entertainment. On the fourth deck, for example, you will find that this is the family and adult entertainment zone.

Welcome To The D Lounge
The ‘D Lounge’ is where you will find the family entertainment activities. Here you will find family favourites like Sing A Long Karaoke and plenty of family game shows that are based around the different Disney characters.

Welcome To The District Lounge
If you head further along Deck 4 you will arrive at the District Lounge. This is a lovely little chill out area where you will have the opportunity to listen to live music every evening. Different duos and trios are recruited for the ship every few weeks so that you will hear a range of styles including jazz, swing, pop songs as well as tunes from the musicals.

Welcome To 687
If you are looking for a comfortable place to sit and play family games, then 687 is the place to head for. During the day, it is a space for all the family to come together and enjoy some fun times together playing board games like Monopoly, chess and scrabble. After 9pm, you have to be over 18 years to enter. This is when it becomes a space for the grown ups to chill out and relax for a while. You are able to take your pick from the vast selection of beers, wine and cocktails that the trained staff is happy to provide you with.

Welcome To The Skyline Lounge
This is another comfortable bar area for people over 18. Here you can sit at the bar and watch as the virtual windows to the world show you the skylines of a variety of different cities around the world. Enjoy the unique viewpoint of the ever changing vistas, while savouring a glass of your favourite beverage. The views change approximately every 15 20 minutes.

Welcome To Pink
If you are looking for a cosy and romantic little niche then you definitely have to head over and visit Pink. This is an intimate little cocktail bar that would be perfect for couples seeking to reconnect with each other after a busy day keeping the children entertained. Here you can share a vintage bottle of champagne or get one of the many signature cocktails that the fully trained staff are happy to mix up for you.

Welcome To Evolution
For those people who like to dance, you can head on into Evolution. This is a very cool looking night club where there is a guest DJ who plays all those tunes to get people up and dancing on the dance floor. To help encourage guests to dance, there are performances from the Evolution dance troupe to get the party started.

This is just a brief explanation of the entertainment venues that you will find on Deck 4 of the Disney Dream Cruise Line. There are still plenty more activities and good stuff to discover on the other decks of this magnificent ship, where everyone can have a great time.

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