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If you have booked a cruise on the Disney Dream, you will be in for a fabulous vacation. There is something on offer for all the family to enjoy, regardless of their age.

One of the magical events that currently takes place on the Disney Dream cruise is known as the spectacularly themed Pirates Night. This occurs on the second evening of the trip and takes place on Deck 11.

Dressing For The Party Get Your Pirate Gear On
The event is split up into different sections that are suitable for all the family to enjoy. The first thing that everyone has to do is to dress for the occasion. Many people will have brought a costume with them but you can find plenty of things on offer in one of the many Disney shops onboard. The basic outfit will be an eye patch, a head scarf, featuring a skull and cross bones and you are all set to go. Of course, you can choose to go completely wild and get the full pirate costume complete with a swashbuckling sword.

Mickeys Pirates In The Caribbean
The first event of the evening is called Mickeys Pirates in The Caribbean. This is a really cute show that is set on the stage of Deck 11. Mickey Mouse is the head of the group and he comes out with some of his Disney friends in order to show everyone what it takes to be a pirate. During this 25 minute show, all your favourite characters get involved including Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck, Goofy and of course, Pluto.

This is when everyone is taught the basics being a Pirate and earns the right to be a fully fledged member of Mickeys Pirate Crew. All these new skills are put to the test when the dastardly Captain Hook and his sidekick Smee try to take over the ship. Their attempts are foiled and Captain Hook is sent on his way.

This is a wonderful little show full of song and dance that all young children will simply adore.

Buccaneer Blast!
This part of the Pirate themed night is called Buccaneer Blast! This is centred around the wonderful fireworks display that goes off from the side of the ship. At the moment Disney Cruise Line are the only ships that currently provide a fireworks display while out at sea. Each explosion has been carefully choreographed so that it co-ordinates perfectly with the musical score that is booming from the sound system. This is a great treat for all the family and it really does light up the night sky with lots of colour and sparks.

Club Pirate Special Appearance By Captain Jack Sparrow
The final part of the Pirate themed night is called Club Pirate which has been designed to get everyone in the dancing mood. There is a special appearance by Captain Jack Sparrow, who spectacularly free falls from one of the ship funnels. This is a great surprise and a sort of comical chase ensues, ending with Jack Sparrow leaving arm in arm with two beautiful ladies.

The guest DJ for the cruise will then play excellent tunes that will get everyone up on their feet and dancing the night away. This is a little late for the youngsters but there are lots of children who really get into the dancing mood and really give the entertainment staff some real competition.

The evening ends with a movie display on the jumbo movie screen of the film Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Pirate night has something for everybody and is a great way to spend the evening out at sea as part of your Disney cruise ship vacation.

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