Lohit River Arunachal Pradesh

Lohit River Arunachal Pradesh


Capital: Itanagar   Largest city: Itanagar

If someone tells you that the state of Arunachal Pradesh has lots of scenic beauties and flora and fauna then it will always be an underestimation. This is one region in India that nestles among the tallest mountain ranges of the world namely the Himalayas. The lower ranges of these mountains are covered with one of the least explored rain forest full of birds, insects and other animals. The higher range is full of shrubs and beyond which is the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas and this difference and the markedly cool and comfortable climate gives the place an enchantment of all its own. In fact, there is no proper season for Arunachal Pradesh as most parts of the year you may enjoy some of the most magnificent and virgin sights that may lie within the state. Arunachal means dawn lit mountains in the local language and is also known as the Orchid State of India. It not only offers panoramic view of the undulating plains and the mountains, but is heaven made true for archeologists, botanists, zoologists, ornithologists and of course tourists.


Introducing visitors to Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is the largest among the North-east Indian states and is well connected by air and railways. You may visit the place during the warmer seasons in case you are not comfortable with very low temperature during the cold season. The capital city is Itanagar. The state covers an area of 83,743 square kilometers and most part of the state has innumerable deep valleys, forests, ridges and plateaus. The forest area covers around two thirds of the state’s area and is full of unexplored areas containing known and little known flora and fauna.

The land is like a series of lower hills in the south and they extend from the plains and elevate to the north with peaks ranging from 1000 feet to 3300 feet. The hills rise even further when you cover north and some may reach up to 10000 feet above sea level. The highest peak in Arunachal Pradesh is known as Kangto and is above 23000 feet.

The river Brahmaputra is the longest and most important river of the state with several tributaries and keeps the lower areas like valleys and forest lush with greenery all round the year. It is simply a wonderland for bird and animal lovers to insect lovers and has numerous opportunities for trekkers and climbers or for those who would like to go kayaking or rafting. If you love photographing something out of the usual then this is right place to be and you will surely get your best shots that may catapult you to fame.


Glimpses of history

Arunachal Pradesh has more verbal than written history although mention has been made in the Puranas and the Mahabharata that the region is called Prabhu Mountains. It is also said it is here in the Brahmaputra River that Sage Parasurama washed away his sins and King Bhishmaka founded his kingdom.

Whatever written history is there and those pointed out by scholars that the Arunachalli people have similar foods, habits and culture derived from the Burmese area hill tribes. This proves that the people of Arunachal Pradesh may have had strong bonds with people of Myanmar. The rest of the history is mysterious and remain in the realms of fantasy and story telling.


Best tourist spots to watch out for in Arunachal

You will find that the whole place is a beauty spot and equally fabulous when it comes to exploring, climbing and kayaking. However, for those who have come to enjoy within a limited time and budgets they may be able to get a good look at the magnificent scenery of the state by visiting certain hot spots.

If you have stopped at Itanagar then make sure that you have taken a good hotel as there are several that are affordable and those having star facilities for tourists. From here you may either plan your itinerary or you may hope to reach each one of the important towns or tourist centers and then visit important places by halting for a day or more at one of the tourist hotels.

You may need a good guide if you have any intention of exploring some of the least known places and Arunachal Pradesh, to tell you the truth, has enough of such places.

If you have landed at Itanagar then you may visit the nearby wild life sanctuary, the famous Forts of this area, The State Museum, Ganga Lake and the Polo Park Botanical gardens.

You may plan your next best location or rather this one would be the best in the state of Arunachal Pradesh yet it is always better to start off your journey from the capital city. The next scenic wonderland is Tawang which is situated at a height of 10000 feet and has one of the oldest monasteries. You may love to go through the Sela pass which is the highest motorable roadway in the whole world. The best thing about taking a trip through this route is that you may find one of the loveliest lakes here known as the Paradise Lake. Soon after watching this on your way you may come across the famed Taktsary Gampa monastery.

Roing is yet another beautiful and must see places in Arunachal Pradesh and is ideally located in lower Dibang Valley. Here there is no dearth of sights and is said to be flocking with ornithologists, naturalists, zoologists and educationists from all over the country and abroad. This area has numerous clear crystal lakes and splendid waterfalls.

Bombdilla is another great spot to be in and extraordinary as far as scenery is concerned. You may get really stunning views of the Himalayas with its snow clad peaks. This is a good place to rest and relax for even a whole week if you are not in a great hurry. You will find the place buzzing with craft making and artisans and craftsmen making numerous artifacts for tourists to purchase.

If you want to see the UNESCO world heritage site at Kaziranga National Park then you must go to Bhalukpong. The forest contains one horn rhinoceros and other unique animals that would be a feast for any eyes. From here you may also visit Pakhin Wildlife Sanctuary. If you have time then do not forget to visit the Bhalukpong Fort and Tipi, the latter which has over 50000 varieties of orchids.

You may also visit Pasighat as it is stated to be the gateway to Arunachal Pradesh and contains a lot of tourist attractions. The river Brahmaputra flows through here and this alone offers you stunning sights.

The above tourist spots are only to get you to know something about the state if you were to land here. Arunachal Pradesh has many unique spots that would be a real great fun spots to travel, explore and entertain especially if you are going there in groups.


Tourist spots that are yet to be explored

Arunachal Pradesh abounds in virgin areas and places where no man has set foot even to this day. The colorfully dressed folks make themselves comfortable within areas where there is reasonable access to public transport and other amenities. You may easily trek around with a group of friends and would sooner or later find the spot that you may be having in your mind.

The beauty of the place is like eternity in divinity where you trek and explore to your heart’s content and still go on finding places that are way different in topography and flora and fauna. You may visit each of the districts and ask for a waterfall a rare spectacular looking valley or simply snow covered hill tops and you will get quick suggestions from the colorful and friendly locals.

The grand perennial river Brahmaputra as it is called when it enters India from the Tibetan plateau offers plenty of sights near to its banks and its tributaries that are by any standards really sights worth photographing and enjoyable.


Flora and Fauna

It is quite an entertainment and trekking delights if you were to watch out for those barking deer or a bear in one of the several National Parks of Arunachal Pradesh. You may need to take a guide and make some preplanned arrangements with the wildlife department before venturing deep into these wild parks. You will surely find plenty of gibbons, macaques, capped langurs. In the upper slopes you often find wild sheep, red pandas and the rare musk deer.

The swampy rainforest is a host of numerous birds and insects and these are quite unique to this state such that you will not find another in any other place on earth. In fact, there are several different kinds of snakes and fishes in the region that you need to take utmost care while trekking around.

You will love Arunachal Pradesh as the government and the tourism ministry has unfolded several plans for the North Eastern states of India for tourists visiting here. Most of all you will love the local folks who always wear a friendly smile.

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