I captured the whole of my India Road Trip using my Intel based android smartphone via the Bambuser application. The Intel based android smartphone were my eyes on this lone road trip for other travel enthusiasts to watch the trip. Folks often taken great road trips but the memories of the road trip mostly just linger in their individual minds – but I wanted every travel enthusiast to get a glimpse of this India Road Trip (and every possible moment of it!) and hence I captured days and days of video for just for “you” to watch!!! (Yes, you are a special visitor for me). A slightly lower resolution Bambuser videos can also be accessed via the Embedded link on my website – India Road Trip Live Videos Embedded Format (these live broadcast videos can be accessed from a single console and hence it’s a bit convenient but a slightly lower resolution is the “catch”!) – but just in case you want to watch the video on a slightly higher resolution then please find the links to the individual Bambuser videos below. Any comments from you is greatly appreciated.

Links to the Bambuser Live Videos captured during the India Road Trip:

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