Choose your friends wisely-they will make or break you.J. Willard Marriott


My first companion – Intel powered XOLO X900 Smartphone

– My sole purpose of setting up this travelogue is to get the best possible coverage of my personal road trip for other like-minded travelers to refer. Hence I wanted to integrate nothing but the best technology with the travel. I chose to integrate a live telecast of this road trip to this website via Bambuser. I found the process to setup Bambuser on my website and a live telecast using the XOLO X900 Android Smartphone a cakewalk. I chose the XOLO X900 as it’s an Intel powered smartphone, which I believe would be capable of a flawless live telecast via video streaming for hours together when I hit the road.


My travel partner – An Intel powered HP Netbook and Ultrabook

– I required an ultra-light laptop which supports the Windows OS for this travel. It was imperative that the laptop be low on power consumption as I will be using it to keep my broadband USB dongle up and running continuously during the one month journey and I definitely don’t want the device to drain off my car battery. On the other hand I required a high performing computing device to edit and post photographs and videos to give the readers a visual experience of my adventures. The Netbook/Ultrabook fits the bill – end of discussion!

The Netbook/Ultrabook also serves the purpose for accessing the Internet on my XOLO X900 smartphone throughout the one month trip.


My Chariot – Ford Figo ESX Petrol

–  It’s my only car, it’s comfortable for long drives and I simply love it.


My other set of eyes on this trip – Nikon P510

– The 42x Optical Zoom makes Nikon’s P510 the Zoomiest compact camera


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