NOTE: [Tutorial]

1. This WordPress site comprises of “PAGES” and “POSTS”. The “PAGES” are independent while the “POSTS” are listed under various “Categories”. I have used the PAGES to log overview of the India Road Trip while the detailed information about the India Road Trip is captured in the POSTS.

2. The “PAGES” are listed on top of the Home Page of the website and I have captured some General Overview and Trip Live Video on the “PAGES”.

3. The Posts (detailed articles pages) are listed under the Main Category India Road Trip Posts Category (which you can notice on top of the Home Page of the website beside the PAGES). You can also access the Posts via the TRAVEL BLOG RECENT BLOG POSTS section on bottom of the Home Page.

4. All the articles related to the preparation of this road trip is captured under the Sub Category Planning The Trip.

5. Once the trip begins I will be capturing all the articles under the Sub Category India Road Trip.

6. All the photographs and videos are captured under the TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY RECENT PHOTOGRAPHS section on the Home Page. The Photographs are also classified under various place names like Rameshwaram, Delhi etc. Also please note that once you click on the Thumbnail of the Photographs on the Home Page, you can browse all the photographs shot in that respective place by clicking on the “forward” and “back” arrows that appear on the photographs. The arrows are not clearly visible on some of the dark photographs and hence you need to carefully look out for these browsing arrows on the photographs.

7. I plan to also include a Gallery PAGE which will include all the photographs and videos that I post on this travel website.

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