You hope. You pray. You wait. However, the question becomes “are you sure of what you hope for? It’s a ritual with you. You have the dream, the strategy and you are willing to work until your hands are numb to achieve your goal. However, deep within the recesses of your thoughts, you hear the nagging nudges of doubt.

You know well their song of silence. It begins with a feeling. A small innocuous feeling; that begins to float against your mind and then looms ever so close to every step that moves you closer to your goal. The feeling hovers like a dark cloud that slowly moves to block out the sun. The dance of doubt has arrived and you are not sure of what you hope for.

This is the moment that you must be mindful of. This is the time when doubt begins to assail your thoughts of health; wealth and happiness. This is the time when doubt and her army march toward your soul with a purpose and intent that if allowed will overwhelm you. The song that was once silent is now blasting through your wall of confidence and you begin your own dance of not being sure what you are hoping for.

The two worlds within your soul have collided and you the owner of your own soul; feel the struggle. You know that you should not listen to the song of doubt; however, because it sings so loudly you cannot hear the small voice that is whispering to you that all is alright. Doubt has your thoughts and you listen.  Doubt has your heart and you wail. Doubt has your mind and you crumble. Doubt has your eyes as you view the false appearance before you and you believe what you see.

Where is your certainty of what you hope for? Where is the faith that you know waits for your to call? Why do you stumble within the gap of your divided soul when the light of faith is always there? Why are you not sure of what you have hoped for?

You have done what you were supposed to do in order to achieve your desires. You have been diligently taking care of the steps that are required to be successful. So, if you have done all of the things that lead to your success, then why are you not sure of what you have hoped for? Why do you doubt because the picture isn’t appearing as you think it should be? Why are you melting under the intense gaze of fear? Why are you not sure of what you have hoped for?

You know the answer to this question, don’t you? You know the thoughts that should be cemented across your mind. You know that you should be certain of what you have hoped for. You should know that what you have hoped for is yours for the taking. All that is required of you is that you are certain when you ask. All that is asked of you is that you have faith. All that has ever been asked of you is that once you ask you never question whether you will receive.

As a child of the universe; your request if for the good of you, and all concerned, will be supplied. Be certain of what you hope for; it is already yours.

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