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                                                                                                                                                 ROAD SAFETY

No Road Trip can be successful without a  right stress on Road Safety. The Association For International Road Travel has been pioneering the efforts on Road Safety for past many years and it has useful articles to read through to understand the measures that any Road traveler needs to adhere to for protecting themselves and others while on the road. If you looking out for Road Reports from various countries that you plan to visit, the reference website also provides the same for registered users at a very nominal cost.

It’ s no rocket science to understand that the major cause of road accidents is irresponsible and rash driving. It’s unfortunate that many a times though we drive carefully, others can still inflict injury on us due to their careless driving. Hence for our own safety one needs to be overcareful to prevent others’ careless driving causing any injury to oneself. Keep a watch on the speed of other vehicles behind and accordingly decide to apply brake, if need arises. If you notice someone driving too rash behind you, just let the vehicle overtake you. This is no race and often the careful driver gets a better deal by reaching home safe and sound.

Readers – lets take a step forward to Road safety from today and make a difference because “everyone can make a difference”.

Reference websites:

Association for Safe International Road Travel






2 comments on “ROAD SAFETY

  1. Douglas on said:

    I completely agree, everyone can make a difference. We can lessen the rate of road accidents if only people would strictly follow all safety rules and regulations. We should be responsible enough, alert, and cautious about driving safely to keep away from danger.

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