I’m Sajit and I am all set for an epic lone road trip of 8,000 Kilometers (5000 Miles) across India. I wanted to do this trip alone; hence this is going to be a lone journey for most part of the route. Sometime between this journey I will have the company of two of my colleagues Nithin and Chidanand for around 1200 Kilometers (745 Miles).

I will begin the journey on October 27, 2012. For those who do not want to read through lengthy articles, please just browse through the photographs and videos that I will start posting on this website once I begin my journey on October 27, 2012. Also let me remind you to not miss the Live video that I will be transmitting throughout my journey. The Live video page can be accessed via the menu on top of the Home Page of this website.

The idea to go on a long drive of epic proportions did not prop up suddenly one fine day. I have been thinking about it past couple of years. This has not been the best time in my life to really chalk out executing a plan for such a long journey because my baby is still pretty young (she is 1.5 Years old). For some reason or the other I could never execute this idea when I was a bachelor – when taking risks was not a big deal. Anyway all those things past, I am all set for this road trip for which I would like to thank my wife who has permitted me to proceed with this trip.

The plan is to cross almost the entire length of the country (India). I chose Rameshwaram as the southern tip of India instead of Kanyakumary (as most of the travelers generally do) – No specific reason for the choice though. I will drive from Bangalore to Rameshwaram; then from Rameshwaram to Delhi; stay in Delhi and Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh for 5 days to celebrate the Diwali festival and then off to Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and return back to Bangalore via the Central India. I will keep the journey as adventurous as possible – I will travel across some of the roughest terrains in India including Rajasthan, camp for 2 days at the Jim Corbett National Park. I do plan to visit the ancient temple town of Khajuraho as well.

If things stick to the present plan, I will be driving my car – Ford Figo hatchback, EXI Petrol on this solo road trip.


India Road Trip - Ford Figo ready to take on the 8000 kilometers road trip

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