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Stash your apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur in your suitcase, and you’re ready to go on an exciting trip to fashion-dom.

But hold your clacking stiletto heels, ladies. For many years, Milan, New York, Paris and London may have been the ultimate fashion capitals, but obscure destinations have recently claimed the spotlight. You may be surprised to find these exotic spots hogging the space of your bucket list.

These top 10 style inspiration havens can turn travel runways into chic catwalks.

#1 Johannesburg

Following Africa’s fame as the World Cup Host in 2010, Johannesburg earned attention and interest, not only from travelogue savants but also from the global fashion police. It is safe to say that the games helped introduce African culture to the rest of the world, which eventually found its way to music, art, food…and fashion.

Proof? In summer of 2011, the fashion scene was laden with explosion of colors, patterns and accessories – most of which were reflective of Africa. Johannesburg has since produced talented fashion designers featured in Fashion Weeks.

#2 Cleveland

Cleveland actually has its own Fashion Week during the first week of May, perfectly timed in between Los Angeles’ and New York’s big events. It was started in 2002 by the Fashion Institute to showcase rising designers from the country.

#3 Beirut

It may used to be an unfamiliar place to fashionistas, but Beirut recently made a buzz as the new exotic hub for style. World-revered haute couturiers Elia Saab and Zuhair Mrad hail from the country. Both received fondness from stylistas during the Milan and Paris Fashion Week, claiming top designer titles from Valentino’s fashion World.

#4 New Delhi

Bollywood made India famous, but it’s the high-quality fabrics, interesting pattern, and to-die-for combination of colors that made New Delhi legendary in a non-fortuitous way. New Delhi textiles found their way to the global catwalk over the last few years, as designers like Manish Aurora star various Fashion Weeks.

#5 Tokyo

More than the “kawaii (means cute)” costumes, Tokyo is the home of popular designers like Junya Watanabe and Rei Kawakubo. This is not surprising as the district is distinguished for its edgy, quirky, sleek, modern and elegant style trend.

#6 Dubai

Shopping in giant malls with world’s famous department stores are all it took for Dubai to make it to top exotic fashion destinations. Plus, Fashion Week is held annually during April 19th to 23rd.

#7 Singapore

Speaking of shopping, Singapore is not to be outdone for their Oscar-worthy designer dresses and other high-fashion items. These are all featured in Singapore Fashion Festival that runs annually from April to May.

#8 Sydney

Don’t skip the home of designer Collette Dinnigan and fashion advocate Danni Minogue. When it’s all about fusion of wearable and avant-garde fashion, Sydney is your best bet.

#9 Toronto

Canada’s largest city is undeniably cosmopolitan and trendy. Fashionistas are thus not aghast when it hosted LG Fashion Week, the second largets event in North America.

#10 Miami

Some of the world’s best architecture and beaches are found in Miami, and its fashion stakes are not running aground. Miami Beach International Fashion week is among the most anticipated events every March as it showcases the biggest Latin American designers. Expect to see a kick off laden with lingerie and swimwear that are nothing but hot hot hot!

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