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If you have booked a Caribbean cruise, one of the destinations that you may be lucky enough to visit is the city of Nassau on the island of New Providence. It is part of the Bahamas and is a beautiful place that has lots to offer if you are planning to go onshore for the few hours that you will be there.

Here are just a few of the highlights that you will be able to see if you decide that you would like to take a leisurely wander around. You can take an independent walking tour where you will be able to see the main attractions of Nassau within the space of an hour. It will likely be very hot so before you set off, make you take a bottle of water with you and apply a good amount of suntan lotion.

Things To See In Downtown Nassau
Once you pass through the Port Authority Building, where everyone who is entering the country has to walk through, you will find that many tour operators will be trying to get your attention in order to entice you with one of their day trips and excursions.

If you just want to take a walk around the town, then simply pick up a complimentary city map which you will find on one of the many counters or on the wall display area. Open up the map and you will find a diagram with the heading Downtown Nassau.

Everything that is of interest has been highlighted on the map. And you do not need to worry because it is all within walking distance. You may be walking slower due to the heat but it is all still within reach.

Rawson Square
One of the first things that you will see as you take your leisurely walk is Rawson Square. Here you will discover a bust of Sir Milo Butler. He was the first Bahamian born Governor General from 1973 1979. The Bahamas was a British colony until its independence in 1973. The bust is made out of bronze and was unveiled in 1986.

Parliament Square
Just opposite Rawson Square is Parliament Square. This area contains the House of Assembly, the Senate and the Supreme Court, all of which were all constructed during the early 1800s and are painted in a striking pastel pink. There is a small statue of Queen Victoria that sits in front of the whole square. It is made out of marble and shows the Queen wearing robes of state and holding an orb and sceptre in each hand.

These are just a few of the sites that you will see as you walk around Nassau. There is plenty more to discover and you will also have plenty of time to shop for hand made crafts and gifts to remind you of your visit to the Island.

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