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If you decide to go on a cruse line vacation that travels around the Caribbean, one of the places that you will visit could be the small island of Nassau. Once you get there you will find that there is a fantastic array of activities that you can do. You can choose to take part in an excursion that is arranged while you are on the ship or you can pick and choose from the many tour operators that will meet you once you get off the ship and take a little walk along the port harbour.

Nassau is a town on New Providence Island that is part of the Bahamas. Wherever you go, they will accept US dollars so you do not have to worry about changing money. All prices will be given to you in American dollars so you do not have to think about currency conversions or rates of exchange.

Fun Activities For Water Lovers
If you are a fan of water sports and water activities then you can choose to take part in a water park cruise. There is a package tour that is available that will keep you busy all day long and you will get back in plenty of time in order to board your ship.

There are two different tour packages that you can choose from. The first tour will allow you do to the following things:
Take a sight seeing tour on a mini cruiser
Go snorkelling and discover the beautiful creatures that live in the sea
The price includes a delicious and filling lunch cooked in a Caribbean style
The day trip ends with a trip to the beach so you have time to relax and top up your tan before heading back to the port.

If you are interested in a more intensive schedule of water sports, then you could opt for the second tour which will include the following activities:
A Para-sail ride
A banana boat ride
A Jet Ski ride
Time to relax on the beach
Time to go swimming in the clear blue sea.

One of the companies that provide these water sports cruises is called Paradise Ocean Sports. You can find out more about them by looking at their website or contacting them by email if you are looking for more information or by simply picking up a leaflet from the Port Authority building that you pass through once you arrive in Nassau.

This is just one example of the type of thing that you could choose to do on your day trip to Nassau.

Once you have spent the day taking part in all these rides in the water, you will be very happy to get back on board your cruise for a well earned rest.

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