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Disney Offers Something For All The Family
Disney Cruise Lines are very proud to be able to offer a range of activities to suit all ages. Each age group has been sectioned off so that their particular needs can be catered to properly and successfully.

The Oceaneers Club For Children Aged Under 10
If you are a family with children under 10 years old, you will find that there is a kids club just for them. This is called the Oceaneers Club where there are plenty of fully trained youth activities leaders and counsellors who will keep your children entertained all day long. If you are lucky, you will be able to grab your children’s attention long enough for them to join you for dinner before they rush off back to their own designated area to play with their new found friends.

Edge -For Children Aged 11 13 Years
There is a cool club for all the tweens to attend. If you have children aged between 11 and 13 then this gives them the opportunity to meet other young people of their age. Disney Cruise Lines have created special programs and deck areas that will keep this age group entertained and out of trouble. Again there are specially trained counsellors on hand to ensure everyone is having a fun time in a safe and secure environment.

Vibe For Children Aged 14 17
For those children who are seeking a little more independence from their family as well as their younger siblings, Vibe has been created for them. Children or young adults aged between 14 to 17 years are provided with their own deck which has been furnished with things that will keep them happy. There is also a schedule of events that has been carefully thought out and timetabled so that they get to meet kids of their own age and can have hang out and have fun.

Its A Small World Nursery
For parents who are looking for a little bit of personal time for themselves, there is a nursery at their disposal. Staffed by qualified nursery nurses, you are able to drop off your little ones and be safe in the knowledge that they are being taken care of while you grab a couple of hours by the pool. This is a great opportunity for couples to reconnect without having to worry if their children are safe. The nursery opens early and closes late and all parents can make use of this facility at their leisure.

For The Adults
There are plenty of family activities and family areas on board the Disney ships. However, if you are looking to take a little break from the children or if you are a couple without children, then you will be happy to know that there are designated areas just for you. There are quiet coves situated on certain decks where children are not allowed. Here you will find comfortable extra large sofas and your own pool and hot tub. The icing on the cake is the cocktail bar that is also situated in these areas. This is definitely the spot to settle down in if you are on a romantic couples getaway.

So whether you are a family or you are a couple looking to spend a few days away, a Disney cruise line vacation has something to offer people of all ages.

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