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Once you board the Disney Dream cruise ship you will find that there is an amazing variety of places to eat. Food is available 24 hours a day so you will never get a chance to feel one single hunger pang. Here are just a few of the places that you can choose to eat at, depending on what you feel like having.

Once you have been booked into your accommodation, you will also be told what your dining room assignment is. This particular ship has space for up to 4000 guests so in order to ensure that everyone gets to have a sit down meal, there are two meal settings. The first is at 5.45pm and the second seating is at 8.15pm. These times have been coordinated so that people are able to see the wonderful theatre productions that are offered each evening.

The Main Restaurants on The Disney Dream
There are three restaurants that each guest will visit at least once during their vacation. They are called The Enchanted Garden, The Royal Palace and Animator’s Palate. Each one has its own theme and style of food. All menus include an appetizer, a starter, a main and ends with a lovely choice of mouth watering desserts.

The dress code for these restaurants is cruise casual. The majority of people will tend to change into their evening attire after a day spent out on deck or in the pools. However, you are welcome to wear whatever you desire as you will not be turned away by the staff.

Getting To Know Your Waiters
When you go for your first meal, you will meet several people who are there to ensure that you enjoy your meal. These people are your waiter or server and the assistant server. These same people will wait on you every evening that you dine in the restaurant. This is a fantastic advantage as they will get to know you and your particular preferences and will be able to anticipate your needs. This is a great benefit if you are travelling with children because your personal waiter will know exactly what type of things will keep them amused during the meal.

How To Tip Your Waiters For A Great Service
When it comes to tipping your waiters, you will find that this has been included in the price of your cruise. However, many people like to be able to add a little extra if they feel that they have received an exemplary service. This is very easy to do. At the end of the cruise, you will be given little envelopes that have the words, server, assistant server and Head server printed on them. This is where you can place an additional tip for the service that you have received.

Each restaurant has a particular theme and all the wait staff work together to ensure that you enjoy your meal. If you feel like a little snack sometime after dinner, you can visit one of the many snack bars that are dotted around the ship. You will be able to pick up a slice of pizza, a hamburger or something for dessert like an ice cream or some fresh fruit. No one ever goes hunger on a Disney Cruise Line vacation.

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