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One of the reasons that people choose to go on a Disney cruise is in order to get the chance to meet all of the famous and infamous characters from Disney family. There are ample opportunities to see your favourite Disney friend throughout the whole of your cruise. Here are some suggestions to help ensure that you and your family get to see the character of your choice.

Study Your Personal Navigator
The daily schedule of events is provided for you in what is called The Navigator. This timetable will be delivered to your room each morning so that you are able to consult it to see what activities are on offer for the day.

To find out which Disney characters will be making an appearance, you simply need to look at the highlight line which is called Character. Here you will see which personality will be out and exactly where you will be able to find them on the ship. As you can imagine, there are lots of people who will want to go to the meet and greet sessions so a good tip to guarantee that you will get a photo is to go along to the designated area at least 15 minutes before. You will then be at the head of the line.

Call The Disney Characters Appearance Hotline
Another way that you can find out about which characters are due to make a special appearance is to phone the Disney Characters Appearance hotline. This is a telephone number which plays and recorded message to inform you where your favourite characters can be found on the ship for that particular day. If, for example you want to meet Mickey Mouse, you will be able to find out when he will be out for a stroll or out on the main deck mingling with the other guests. If you would prefer to find one of the lovely princesses such as Cinderella, Belle or Tiana then you can find out where they will be too. The telephone hotline number can be found inside your personal Navigator or you can contact Guest Services who will be happy to assist you further.

Consult The Digital Screens
As well as your personal Navigator and the Characters Appearance Hotline number, there is a digital screen that lists all the characters that will be out on parade for the day. The digital screen is located in the main lobby area of the ship and is updated bright and early every morning of your trip.

By using one or all of the methods mentioned above, you will always know exactly which Disney character will be available so that you can go along and get a signature and a magical photo taken with them. This is a wonderful memory that you can take with you to remember all the fun you had on your Disney Cruise Line vacation.

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