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The newest ship to join the Disney Cruise Line family is called the Disney Dream. It is currently their biggest ship and had its maiden voyage on January 26 2011. If you are looking for a cruise that is suitable for all the family then this would be a perfect choice.

The height of the ship is a staggering 187 feet at its highest point. The length of the ship is 1,115 feet. It is powered by three 12 cylinder and two 14 cylinder engines as well as two 19 megawatt Coverteam propulsion motors. When you are on the ship it sails along so smoothly that you will feel like it is merely the wind that is propelling it through the seas.

The Different Staterooms On The Disney Dream
The guest quarters on the Disney Cruise Lines are called guest staterooms. On this particular ship, there are a total of 1250 guest staterooms. The total guest capacity for the ship is 4,000 people. In order to accommodate all these people, the guest rooms are broken down into a variety of sizes. The cost of your accommodation will depend on the size and location of the room.

The rooms can be categorised as follows:
There are 150 inside staterooms
There are 1,100 outside staterooms
There are 199 staterooms with an ocean view
There are 880 staterooms which have their own private verandas
There are 21 suites which have their own verandas
There are 500 connecting staterooms, which are perfect for large families or groups

The Design of The Disney Dream
The designs of all the Disney ships are like an homage to the classic transatlantic ships from the past. The contrasting colours that have been used certainly help this fleet to stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is particularly apparent when a Disney ship is in port at one of the islands that it visits. Look around and you will see that all the other ships appear to be a dull in comparison.

The colour scheme that is used is black for the hull of the ship with a cool contrasting white for the upper levels. The funnel of the ship is painted in a striking red. There is a yellow stripe between the black and white that goes around the whole of the ship. This yellow theme is continued as it is the colour used for the anchor and the life boats that are attached on the fourth deck of the ship. This combination of colours was chosen as they represent the main man at the top of the Disney family. This is of course, Captain Mickey Mouse.

The Crew Size For The Disney Dream
In order to ensure that everyone has a great time on the Disney Dream cruise, a staff of just under1500 people is employed. This ranges from the Captain of the ship, the Cruise Director, responsible for all the entertainment and activities on board, the waiting staff, the housekeepers, right down to the members of the maintenance teams who are busy making sure that the ship remains in pristine condition.

All these facts and figures help to show you what it takes to create a great ship. This is what you will discover for yourself and plenty more besides, if you choose to take a vacation on the Disney Dream Cruise Line.

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