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The Disney Wonder was one of the first ships within the Disney Cruise Line family. It was built in Italy and had its maiden voyage on August 15, 1999. It is now known as one of the classic ships and is still a favourite among very seasoned cruise ship travellers.

The Disney Wonder was christened by Tinkerbell, who is the ship’s godmother. When she released a bottle of champagne against the hull of the ship, she also sprinkled a little bit of pixie dust to help it on it way.

The length of the Disney Wonder is 964 feet with a width of 106 feet at its widest point. There are a total of 11 decks on the ship which caters for all guests, staff and entertainment activities.

How Many Guests Can Travel on the Disney Wonder?
The Disney Wonder is able to carry a maximum of 2,600 guests at any one time. There are 877 guest rooms. On the Disney ships these accommodations are called staterooms. There are different sizes and styles of rooms available and they range in price depending on the size and the extra features that are included.

The different staterooms that are available are as follows:
Executive suites
Ocean view staterooms
Staterooms with a verandah
Outside staterooms with a porthole
Inside staterooms
Connecting staterooms for larger families or big groups

The Crew on The Disney Wonder
In order to meet all the needs of the guests on this particular ship, Disney employ over 1,000 crew members. These people work all over the ship to ensure that everyone has a magical vacation. The crew are made up of the housekeepers, who clean and tidy the staterooms each day, the serving staff, who work in the different restaurants and takeaway snack bars around the ship, the maintenance staff, who keep the ship in working order and the entertainment staff who make sure that everyone is having a fun time at the shows or in the activities that are offered every day.

The Style of The Disney Wonder
Each Disney ship is painted in the same colours which ensure that everyone will recognise it when they see it out at sea or when it is coming in to port.

The colour scheme is made up of white upper decks with a contrasting black, which is used to paint the hull. There is a bright yellow stripe that is painted in between the black and the white and this stripe circles the whole ship. The yellow colour is also used for the lifeboats and the anchor.

These colours are representative of Mickey Mouse, who can be spotted around the ship wearing a very nifty captain outfit.

The Disney Wonder has had several itineraries, which have included voyages to the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Depending on the type of vacation that you are looking for, you could very well find yourself travelling on the wonderful Disney Wonder Cruise Line where you are sure to have a magical time.

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