In life we are met with obstacles. Obstacles are not things; obstacles are people. People who at times, deliberately want to get in the way. Some believe they are justified; others who because of their views and opinions on life, just want to block us from our goals. And some are simply jealous that you are attempting to change the course of your journey and deep within themselves, they may feel you are leaving them behind.

Instead of getting angry and holding resentment that only makes you suffer; how about turning the other cheek and telling yourself you appreciate them. No need to tell them; what you want to do is calm yourself, be still and repeat the following:

I appreciate that you have tried to take me down. Because of that I realized how many times I am able to get up.

I appreciate that you have tried to put your stamp on my life. Because of that I am creating my own stamp on my life.

I appreciate that you have said what I could and could not do. Because of that I am now doing what I know will benefit me and my loved ones.

I appreciate that you have spread lies about me. Because of that I found the truth about me.

I appreciate that you tried to turn everyone against me. Because of that I know who my true friends are.

I appreciate that you attempt to twist my words and my feelings. Because of that I have gotten clearer in my communication and now say what I mean and mean what I say.

I appreciate that you laughed when I freely discussed my goals. Because of that I understand fully what the Bible states “Do not cast your pearls before swine as they will turn and render you.”

I appreciate that you don’t believe in me. Because of that I learned to believe in myself.

I appreciate that when I was down you wanted to rudely lecture instead of helping. Because of that I learned to take better care of myself and know who to ask for help.

I appreciate that you placed stop signs in front of me. Because of that I was able to navigate another direction which proved to be much better than expected.

I appreciate all of the things you did for me and to me as it has given me a greater understanding of me. It has fueled my fire to ensure that I do well now and in the future. You have no idea how much I appreciate all of the things that you have done to me and in the end for me. You have been a blessing for my growth and for my personal development. Without your inadvertent assistance I would have been fine, however, your actions inspired me and definitely made a difference. So, please know…I Appreciate That!

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