For the past couple of years I have been reading a lot on spiritualism, vedic history of India (Bharat as what it was called then), Hindu Deities, Sanskrit, mantras, Ayurveda, the life of Lord Siddhartha Gautama Buddha, Lord Mahavira (Vardhamana) and the timelines of when all this occurred as per the recorded history. Just the learning is very enlightening though I can gather that a lot of knowledge from the vedic period is possibly lost as well over time. It gets to a point to introspect the basics of life – we all are racing with blind eyes to find peace and happiness in materialist objects rather than finding true happiness internally.

In spiritual words things may sound very complex – like for example words like – look for happiness internally etc. – but for a common person who has a family it’s easy to put it in very simple words – spend some time everyday with your loved ones, take them out and be fully with them rather taking them out and be engrossed in some mails on Smartphone, give priority to “your own life” rather than spending your whole life for the sole betterment of some firm.

Meditate at least for 30 minutes daily in the early morning hours. A disclaimer that I am not an expert in meditation yet but I found that the easiest way to start meditating is to sit in lotus position on the ground, keep eyes closed and just listen to the OM Mantra in low volume over a headphone and do not exceed 30 minutes of continuous listening to be easy on the ears (you can search for OM – Tamilwire mp3 song to download the same). Mantras have been one of the ways to meditate and it’s the easiest for starters to gain concentration and focus of our highly disturbed mind. OM is  the most powerful mantra. If you are a starter at meditation, you can just listen to the same and later as your mind gets more focused, you can stop listening  to the mantra over a headphone – and instead start reciting it vocally and in the mind too simultaneously. For occasional hearing outside of the meditation period – In YouTube search for this video by – “A Sanskrit mantra for stress relief”. I liked this video a lot for occasional hearing. The “OM Mani Padme Hum” mantra is also great for occasional hearing. Yes – drink a lot of water. As per the ancient vedic scripts around the medical science called Ayurveda, it’s stated  – Water is the best medicine.

Back to the point of the race towards the materialistic objects, we assume the money that we get (out of pay check or some business) is the ultimate object of life – it’s true to an extent to meet the basic necessities of life – but “most of us” just go overboard in this direction with the excuse that we are doing it for the family. For example, if we have a reasonably fine car and house, instead of being contended with it, the race goes on for a big flashy car…so on and so forth. But once we get that big car or house, we again raise the bar…and the unnecessary  race just continues. Finally you will notice that the bigger car or the bigger house surprisingly did not bring that happiness that we were looking for (but imagining before of that dream may give you a feel  that it will bring you the must needed happiness but it does not really happen so once it’s with you). The reason – we were looking for happiness in totally the wrong direction altogether – as simple as that!

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