Chinese foods are often for takeouts. Japanese cuisines, on the other hand, are usually for sophisticated high-end dining experiences.

This is not to single out Chinese and any other Asian restaurants, but to show how the higher class patronizes a bistro that exudes the colourful culture and flavorful origins of the dishes. This paved the way for the availability of facts about Japanese restaurants in Sydney, accessible through websites that cater to foodies in search for the best place to dine in Australia.

What probably sets the Japanese restaus in Sydney apart from any other bistros is the interesting fusion of Aussie’s best and Japanese’s culture. Alongside, the fact that Sydney is one of the busiest cities in the country makes the discovery of restaurants with freshest delectable cuisines similar to finding oasis in the middle of a very hot desert. To make the taste bud tickling experience more memorable, however, connoisseurs gave out suggestions and interesting facts about Japanese restaurants in Sydney. Among the best recommended diners are:

1. Azuma Chiefly – located at Level 1, Chifley Plaza

Plethora of awards and recognitions definitely gives a good hint on the performance of the restaurants in serving courses with unbeatable standards, but what can be really accounted for its fame is the authentic Japanese dining style in the guise of a la carte gamut of options, along with sashimi and special sushi selections. True to the promise of Chef Kimitake Azuma, the wine and sake gives a taste of the Japanese culture that has since wooed in customers from the business lunch crowd.

2. Kobe Jones – at 29 Lime Street

As intriguing as it sounds, Kobe Jones unexpectedly emanates the fusion of Australian and Japanese Culture. The name itself makes it unique, given that it doesn’t sound too Japanese. While there may not be traditional tatami rooms in this restau, mouth-watering choices from the menu continue to lure in large pool of customers wanting to be the witness of the perfect epitome of “east meets west” cuisines. And while the ingredients used in whipping out the dishes may not be arcane, sushi or sashimi laden with Australian twist never fail to rouse the curiosity of connoisseurs.

3. Komachi Restaurants – found in 246 Cleveland, Surry Hills

In Japan, Komachi means ‘most beautiful.’ And Komachi, this bistro really is. The captivating interior is not the sole reason for the deep-felt Japanese venture, but also the hospitality of the staff that well reflect the values of the Japanese. Sushi rolls are also definitely komachi as they are not made from the usual ingredients. The teriyaki chicken hand roll is both filling and delish, while the salmon and avocado roll gives an unforgettable whirlwind of flavours that is still peg on the Japanese flavours.

4. Waqu Restaurant – located at 308 Pacific Highway

The faint hearted who are just starting with their Japanese dining adventures in Sydney can have their baby steps at Waqu. The flair of this restaurant lies on their affordable course menu (only $60 per set) that changes every season – only because all the ingredients come directly from farms in Japan. The meat may have been bought locally, but the techniques is cooking is 100% Japanese, giving off the global appeal of the cuisine while maintaining distinct tastes that are all unique for Japan.

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