Los Angeles is known as ‘The City of Angels’ and it’s a dream place for almost every man in the world. Here are some amazing Facts About Los Angeles:

– There are over 140 nationalities there and 224 different languages spoken within the city.

– It last snowed there in 1962.

– It attracts tourists like no other. For example, 23 million tourists visited LA in 1996. That’s more than the total population of most European countries.

– It is considered to be the capital of the world when it comes to entertainment as it’s home to the glorious and productive Hollywood, which films hundreds of TV shows and movies every single day.

– It’s the biggest entrepreneur center: there are over 200,000 small businesses in LA, more than in any other city in the world.

– It’s the most important retail sales market in the United States.

– There are more cars in LA than people. They occupy around 24% of the ground space.

– When it was founded, only 44 people lived there. Now it has a population of almost 3.8 million people.

– LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) is the most important origin/destination airport in the world, which means most passengers come to Los Angeles or depart from it.

Los Angeles is an incredibly fascinating center of economic and intellectual development and it truly represents modern growth and glamour.

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