Simple Sentence

What is a Simple Sentence?

In English grammar based on the structure, the sentences have been classified to four categories. Simple sentence is the simplest of them.

Definition of simple sentence.

The sentence, which contains only one independent clause and no dependent clauses, is called a simple sentence. It has only one predicate, but can convey a complete idea.

As it consists of only one clause, it is also called as a clausal sentence. Besides a subject, verb and an object, it can have a modifier. Though it is simple, it can have compound subjects and compound verbs. It can have multiple commas too if required.


  • Ann goes to school to study.
  • The boys are playing in the playground.
  • Today I did not go to the school.

Depending upon the structure, there are two types of simple sentences.

1. Single subject and single verb –

This type of simple sentence has only one subject one verb and sometimes an object…

For example:

  • He goes to school.
  • I want to give my son a present.

2. Compound subject and compound –

Some simple sentences have more than one subject (compound noun) and one verb.


  • Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.

The above sentence has two subjects, Jack and Jill. “Jack and Jill” is compound subject.

  • Jack jumped and laughed.

Above simple sentence has got two verbs,” jumped and laughed”. Since the subject is the same, these two verbs taken together are called one compound verb.

Some simple sentences can have compound subject and compound verb.


  • Jane and Ann talked and watched a film on the TV.

Above simple sentence has a compound subject (Jane and Ann) as well as a compound verb (talked and watched)

Function of a simple sentence: As mentioned before the simple sentence is one of the four basic sentence structures. It is used to make simple statement. Most of the proverbs are simple sentences.


All that glitters are not gold.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Prevention is better than cure.

It has no complexity and is quite easy to understand, especially for the children

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